1) Application: Humidty, Cooling and Dust Control

2) Spray Pattern: Full Cone and Flat Fan

3) Adjustable: Sipone Type

4) Air Atomizing Nozzle: Siphon-fed Round

5) Siphon-fed Round type: Internal Mix, Full Cone,Adjustable, Air atomizing,Mixing Air and Water

6) Pressure-fed type: Internal Mix, Flat Fan Nozzles, Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles,Mixed Air Atomizing Nozzles and Adjustable

7) Material:316Stainless Steel, PP,PVC, Telflon,Brass

8) Design Feature
Mixed Air Atomizing Nozzles,
Adjustable and fixed air atomizing nozzle,
Air atomizingAir Atomizing Nozzle, Air Atomizing Nozzles, Mixed Atomizing Nozzle,Misting

Please contact us to assist you in selecting the suitable nozzle model for your application.

Lowest flow available
Very fine atomization
Narrow spray angle (12° to 120°)
Full cone pattern
Short to moderate forward spray projection