Tank Cleaning Fixed Nozzle Assembly For Fast and Powerful Cleaning of Drums and Barrels

Powerful cleaning using low flow rates
Removes tough residues quickly and effectively
Fast cycle times – clean multiple drums or barrels in minutes
Compatible with a variety of pumps including pressure washers

1) Thread Size:3/4'',1/2'',1'',1-1/2'',2'',2-1/2'' etc.

2) Spray Angle: available 360 degree at 3 bar water pressure.

3) Flow Rate:Standard Flow or OEM Flow Available at @ bar.

4) Spray Nozzle Pattern: Flat Fan(Standard Spray or Wide Angle and Narrow Angle), Solid Cone/Full Cone, Hollow Cone, Spiral Cone (Full Cone and Hollow Cone), Fog Misting, Plastic Nozzles.

5) Nozzles material: Stainless Steel (303SS,304SS,316SS), Brass, Brass Plated Nickel, Plastics(PVC, Teflon,PP).

6) Flow Rate and spray angle make as per customer's requirements