We manufacture and supply precision-engineered industrial evaporators that are thermal concentrators used for concentrating dilute liquids, for increasing solids content & for reducing the volume by evaporating water.

The evaporators are based on the economy of steam i.e. kg of solvent evaporated per kg of steam used. By reusing the evaporated solvent as a heating medium, higher steam economies can be achieved. This technique of increasing the utilization of steam is used in multi-effect evaporators. In the multi-effect evaporators, vapor from the first effect is passed over to the next effect in which boiling take place at a lower pressure & temperature.

Thermo-compression evaporators are another technique to increase the steam economy. In these evaporators the vapor of evaporated solvent is compressed & is used as a heating medium in the same evaporator.

Selection of evaporators depends on different properties of feed & products, like - crystallization, corrosion, foaming, salting & scaling.

The different types of evaporators we offer are -

» Falling Film Evaporators
» Rising Film Evaporators
» Forced Circulation Evaporators
» Short Tube Evaporators

Our evaporators have found various uses in different industrial applications, including -

» Plant Processing Applications
» Water Management Applications
» Textiles
» Heavy Equipment
» Food Processing
» Manufacturing Processes

Our specially designed condenser's coils are usually made of copper tubes and aluminum fins. This helps it to transfer heat as rapidly as possible and demand minimal cleaning for the better transfer of the heat.